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Career Paths

G&K Services employs approximately 8,000 employees. Each employee brings individual talents, experiences, and skills, but all 8,000 individuals create one team with a single focus: to deliver on our Customer Promise every day. Part of that promise is a commitment to Service Excellence that allows customers to focus on what they do best while we focus on what we do best. It is this commitment to Service Excellence that sets us apart from our competitors. Every G&K employee has a role to play in guaranteeing Service Excellence. If you are excited to become part of a team committed to outstanding customer service, consider a career at G&K. Learn more about our career paths.

Evan Seelig’s Story (Management Trainee, San Antonio, Texas): 

I initially interviewed with G&K for a sales role.  I didn't get the offer I was hoping for because an internal candidate was selected for the role.   I thought it was cool that an internal was selected, but I was also disappointed because I really wanted to work for G&K!  I had such a great feeling from my interview - I can't put it into words really - but I just knew this was a great company.   During my interview, I noticed that leaders took the time to talk to employees, and I was really impressed that everyone seemed like they cared about each other - kind of like a family. 

Fortunately, a few months later, Mark Lewis, the general manager, called me to see if I would be interested in a management trainee role.  I jumped at the opportunity, and took the job!  I've only been here for about eight months, but I have already learned every position in the plant, all the positions in our service department, and next, I'll be moving into sales. 

It's a lot of fun because I'm always learning something new about providing a much-needed service that helps customers.  In fact, every day, I learn something new, and it's really fun to see how everything comes together - from sales to production to service.  This has been the best training I have ever received, and I'm not done yet.  

G&K helps you get to where you want to go.  As long as you are willing to do the work, the opportunities are endless here at G&K.  I plan to continually grow and stay here for a long time.

Sales Career Paths

As a seller at G&K Services, your role is to identify and secure prospective valued customers. As part of a high-energy sales team, you are the initial connection with our customers and the first to share G&K’s commitment to Service Excellence. You also receive extensive training on our innovative selling techniques and Smartphone-accessible sales technology. Additionally, you have the support of a team that allows you to stay focused on what you do best: obtaining new G&K customers.    

Mike Malloy’s Story (SR District Sales Manager, Las Vegas):

I joined G&K because from my very first conversation with G&K, I knew this was a place I wanted to be.  I interviewed for a sales role with opportunities to learn and advance throughout the company.  During my interview process, I met with several sales leaders, and I was impressed that each person had a consistent message about how the company was very sales driven and that the sales strategy was centralized.  I loved that each location had its unique personality but was provided centralized support.  I was so excited to accept the position as a Field Sales Manager, and now, four years later, everything that the sales leaders said about internal promotions and opportunities has come true for me.   So far, I have been promoted two times, and I am now a Senior District Sales Manager.  The people who were influential to me are still here, too.  I'll be the first to say that this is the hardest I have ever worked, but it has also been the most rewarding!

Service Career Paths

As a member of the G&K Services service team, your customers will depend on you to deliver Service Excellence. Whether you’re on a route or in a management role, your relentless focus on satisfying customers is the key to success. As the face of G&K, you’ll build relationships with your customers, offer solutions to solve their problems, and introduce additional products and services to meet their needs. We’ll provide you with the training and tools you require to fulfill your customers’ needs and then trust you to do what you do best—deliver Service Excellence!

Production Career Paths

As a member of our production team, delivering Service Excellence starts with you! You will work in one of our industrial laundry plants across North America to ensure our products are in good repair before they are loaded on a truck and delivered to our customers. Teamwork—both within the plant and with the sales and service teams—is critical to our success. You will be sure to find a good fit among our variety of production roles.

Office Career Path

As a member of our office team, you are often the first person the customer talks to when they call G&K Services. You work closely with our sales, service, and production teams to deliver Service Excellence. Our office teams focus on resolving customers’ needs, managing office operations, and continually improving team efficiencies. It’s a role on an essential team that works to meet our customers’ needs promptly and achieve outstanding quality in all we do at G&K.

Corporate Career Paths

The G&K Services professional and administrative team, located at corporate headquarters, supports our production, sales, and service teams in their consistent delivery of our Customer Promise. The corporate team includes professionals in finance, human resources, informational technology, engineering, environmental management, safety, marketing, and many other fields. As part of G&K’s corporate team, you can use your knowledge and experience to help build solutions for profitable growth. You will also have opportunities to participate in a variety of projects that build your business acumen and professional skills. There’s always something new to learn at G&K!

Palka Chander’s Story (Accounting Supervisor, Toronto, Ontario):

I first learned about G&K through an annual conference that my university hosted called APEX.  I met with Deen Maharaj, Director of Human Resources, who completed a mock interview with me.  I was only in my second year of university, but I was looking for a summer internship.  Unfortunately, the intern positions were already filled.  I asked Deen for guidance, and he invited me to work with employees in various departments to learn more about which area of business might interest me most.  After about six weeks, G&K offered me a paid internship for the rest of that summer.  The following summer I interned full-time with finance, and the rest is history!  Only a couple years out of school and I’m now the  Accounting Supervisor, and I couldn't be happier because of the learning opportunities. The size of the company allows for a great learning experience in regards to your area of expertise and the business itself, as well as the flow of how all the departments are intertwined and interdependent.  Our employees are great, too!  We are like a family.  Everyone helps each other, and we work toward the best interest of the company while embracing change and constantly seeking areas of improvement.  We are all in this together!

Leadership Career Path

A strong leadership culture is defined by the collective actions of formal and informal leaders that act together to influence organizational success and profitable growth. G&K Services’ employees take a variety of paths to a leadership role. We pride ourselves on promoting internal candidates and allowing employees to change career paths. Many employees have moved between corporate departments, service, and sales positions, or field and corporate positions. Managers are often promoted from other G&K positions. We understand your need to own your career, and we can help you build a path to get you where you want to go!

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