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Facility Services to Help You Operate Safely, Cleanly and Productively

YOUR FACILITIES are critical environments in which your employees conduct their daily work. Your facility must maintain safe and healthy conditions and project a clean and professional image.

At G&K Services, we know our facility products and services are critical to your business, and we take those responsibilities seriously. We work each day to exceed your business requirements so your employees can operate safely, cleanly, and productively within your facilities.

From floor mats and restroom supplies to towels and mops, G&K offers you a range of quality items and expert services to equip your business. With G&K, you can:

  • Reduce expenses to help your bottom line
  • Maintain cleanliness and prevent cross-contamination, even in the toughest environments
  • Provide comfort and enhance safety for your entire company
  • Project your company’s image and professionalism
  • Support environmentally sound practices

YOUR FACILITY SERVICES PROGRAM from G&K is tailored to fit the unique needs of your employees and your business:

  • You know what you want in a provider: When it comes to a facility services program, you want a provider you can trust. You have your own business to run, and we help you do that by taking one big worry off your mind: the expert management of your program’s every detail.
  • You can count on Service Excellence: From our Customer Promise to our Service Guarantee, you have an entire company working on your behalf, committing each day to satisfying your requirements.
  • Added benefits: The benefits of working with G&K add up. Our products and services reduce expenses to help your bottom line, while at the same time providing the tools your employees need to get the job done.