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Floor Mat Rentals

Safety and Image Start Right at Your Front Door

The G&K Services floor mat service is designed to help you enhance your workplace by stopping dirt from being tracked inside and throughout your building.

  • Scraper mats help trap water and keep your floors dry to help prevent slips and falls in your facility which could result in costly liability
  • Customized logo mats greet your customers with a top-quality, brand-building image
  • Track Control™ mats are specially designed to trap dirt and soil
  • Anti-fatigue mats offers a soft and supportive texture that provides comfort for hard-working feet
  • G&K floor mat rentals are ADA compliant
  • Keeping your floors dry with mats helps you prevent slips and falls in your facility, which could result in costly liability.

G&K rental floor mats are certified as “high traction”by the National Floor Safety Institute.