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G&K Customer Promise

We stand by our promise to meet and exceed your expectations.

At G&K Services, we have more than 100 years of experience serving the needs of companies like yours. Yet we’re only as good as the service we deliver you today.

That’s why we strive to lead the industry in the quality of service we deliver, centered on our Customer Promise and Service Guarantee, which is backed by independent market research.

Our Customer Promise

At G&K Services, we value the voices of our customers.

We conduct ongoing independent customer surveys to better understand what our customers want, need, and care about most. This allows us to create more lasting value for our customers.

Research confirms:

G&K Services fulfills its Customer Promise, beats competition

The results are in: On performance measures from customer service to complete deliveries and uniform quality, G&K consistently outperforms its major competitors.

Conducted by a highly experienced research firm, this in-depth study of customer attitudes toward the leading uniform and apparel companies shows G&K ahead of the pack on six key measures.

We deliver on that promise through our proprietary tools and services, including:

  • Accutrak® and barcode technology to ensure uniform accuracy
  • 7-Point Inspection to cover the identification and completion of repairs
  • Perfect Install and GK AccufitSM for the proper fit from the outset
  • GK OptiPro that provides real-time plant productivity feedback to ensure complete and on-time deliveries
  • Proprietary Handheld Technology that automates change orders, makes credits easy, and quickly resolves any issues that may arise—all right there on the spot
  • Online Invoice Viewer allowing for easy viewing of your electronic invoice and furthers accurate and predictable billing
  • Simple service agreement and 100% Service Guarantee to further support our customer service commitment to which we are bound
  • Uniform Service Order system for centralized, ongoing record-keeping
  • 24/7 Availability so we’re easy to reach to serve your needs

Our 100% Service Guarantee

G&K Services guarantees to:

  • Deliver all merchandise picked-up on your scheduled delivery date by the next scheduled delivery date
  • Inspect, repair, and deliver all merchandise needing repair on the next scheduled delivery date
  • Deliver replacement or additional uniforms ordered, in a standard size and color, the next scheduled delivery date. provided we receive the order on a regularly scheduled delivery date

If we fail to satisfy our 100% Service Guarantee, you will receive an invoice credit for the specific items or services where we did not meet our obligations. If we continue to not meet our obligations, you can walk away from your G&K service agreement.

Our 100% Service Guarantee holds us accountable for your complete satisfaction.