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G&K Services' Commitment to Sustainability

Message from our CEO

Thank you for your interest in G&K Services. We are proud of our company and believe we have a terrific story to tell. 

When we think about sustainability, we think about creating a company that is built to achieve long-term profitable growth, while carefully stewarding the resources entrusted to us. Over the past several years we have made tremendous progress.  We’ve created a more capable, better performing company, focused on delivering service excellence to our customers. We’ve developed a stronger team and improved our financial performance.  And we’ve accomplished this while increasing our environmental stewardship and resource conservation efforts, significantly improving workplace safety, and actively engaging in the communities where we do business.

Sustainability is not something new for G&K. Rather, it is woven throughout our Core Values, the principles that reflect who we are as an organization.  With a proud 110-year history, the team at G&K understands what it takes to build an enduring business.

Our commitment to sustainability begins with a focus on customer satisfaction. We recognize that everything we hope to accomplish is made possible only by consistently delivering service excellence to our customers. Ours is a very personal business. We provide the clothing that more than a million people wear every day. Our entire team is passionate about making sure our customers, and their employees, look and feel good in front of their customers.

As a service business, our company is only as good as our people. That’s why we believe so strongly in developing our team. We aim to train, develop and retain the best possible talent, to ensure that we have the capabilities in place to consistently deliver our Customer Promise. We’re also working to develop a culture that values integrity, ethical behavior, and an environment of openness. 

G&K’s business is inherently green. We provide customers with reusable products that we process in efficient facilities, using less water, energy and detergents than laundry done on-site at businesses or in homes. We pride ourselves on continually improving our processes to minimize our impact on the environment. We’ve recently launched several initiatives that have lowered G&K’s water usage, reduced energy consumption in our fleet and plants, and minimized the waste that our business produces.

We’ve also made tremendous progress in safety. G&K achieved its best safety performance ever in 2013. We have made workplace safety a top priority across the company; raising awareness, improving training and making smart investments in our plants and fleet. It is gratifying to see this translate into lower accident rates. Keeping our people safe is clearly a big win for everybody.

We strive to make a difference in the communities where we operate. We do this by providing great value for our customers, and by driving profitable growth.  This allows us to invest in our business and create good jobs. We also give back to the communities where we do business through volunteerism, in-kind donations and financial support. G&K is most successful when people are able to work. So we promote a giving strategy that supports employment development and work training programs in our communities. 

I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about G&K’s commitment to sustainability. We are proud of what we have accomplished and see many opportunities ahead for further improvements. Thank you for your support of the G&K team.

Douglas A. Milroy

Chief Executive Officer