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About GKgives

In 2015, G&K employees, together with the G&K Services Foundation, launched GKgives, an exciting new effort to support the communities where we live and work.  The GKgives campaign is centered around quarterly events, in which G&K employees are encouraged to contribute their time and resources to charitable organizations that support G&K’s giving mission of “building communities that work.”  Employees’ donations are matched by the G&K Services Foundation, allowing G&K to become a significant partner with the charitable organizations it chooses to support. 

In the first ever GKgives quarterly event, held in the fall of 2015, G&K employees in Minnesota and surrounding states, together with the G&K Services Foundation, pledged over $250,000, which will be granted to selected charitable organizations.  The week long giving event featured a silent auction, the chance to send “candy grams” to fellow employees, and a volunteer event at one of our selected charities.  In future years, the GKgives campaign will be expanded to include G&K employees from throughout the United States and Canada.