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The Greening of G&K’s Orange Fleet

G&K Cuts Fleet Fuel Consumption and Greenhouse Gases

More than 1,000 bright orange G&K Services trucks hit the road every day, picking up and delivering uniforms, mats, linens and facility supplies to customers. We are finding new ways to drive greener and cleaner, in order to reduce our fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions and conserve fossil fuels.

Telematics and Idle Restrictions

In 2013, we deployed a GPS-based telematics system across our fleet of delivery vehicles. It helps to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The system also improves driver safety and reduces maintenance costs.  

Additionally, all new G&K vehicles are equipped with controls that limit truck idling, and more than half of G&K’s existing vehicles have been reprogrammed with idle restrictions to improve fuel efficiency.

Alternative Fuels

G&K’s fleet is running cleaner than ever. In 2008, we began upgrading our fleet to run on cleaner burning diesel, which extends gas mileage up to 25 percent over older vehicles. Today, the majority of our fleet is clean diesel powered.

Additionally, G&K has launched pilot programs to replace standard diesel trucks with trucks powered by alternative fuels, to further enhance fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  In California, G&K has deployed hybrid-electric powered trucks and we’ve introduced compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled trucks in selected markets.