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Paper & Dispensers

G&K Services’ Paper-Dispensing Solutions: State-of-the-Art, Hygienic, and Upscale

G&K offers advanced hand-drying solutions for your entire facility. Our contemporary, streamlined dispensers complement any décor and provide the features you need—without extra maintenance or hassles. And for your back-office needs, ask about our high-capacity industrial dispensers.

Customers prefer drying with paper—hands down

For quality, speed, and hygiene choose paper.

"Most studies have found that paper towels can dry hands efficiently, remove bacteria effectively, and cause less contamination of the washroom environment. From a hygiene standpoint, paper towels are superior to air dryers."  Huang C, Ma W, Stack S., “The Hygienic Efficacy of Different Hand-Drying Methods: A Review of the Evidence.

-Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 2012;87(8): 791-798

Additionally, the Wall Street Journal published an article on the benefits of paper: “Which are better hand driers: Air Blowers or Paper Towels?