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Nursing Scrubs, Medical Clothing

G&K is Your Trusted Service Provider for Healthcare Apparel and Facility Services Programs

Helping your medical staff maintain a consistent and professional appearance while providing a clean and safe facility is critical in today’s healthcare environment. Offering a professional image can have a positive impact on patient and visitor experience and overall employee morale.


Whether it is doctors, nurses, reception, maintenance or other important support staff, G&K offers healthcare apparel products to meet your unique image and safety needs. G&K will wash, repair, and deliver top quality apparel directly to you. We take care of everything from start to finish, managing the details of your unique program.

Clean and Safe Facilities

G&K's facility services products and programs help you provide a safe, professional and clean environment while helping you manage costs. 

Having a clean and well maintained facility is all part of projecting a professional image, which positively impacts your patients' and visitors' experience while controlling your costs. Helping you in critical areas, such as infection control and facility management, G&K has a wide selection of cleaning and facility services products that help reduce the spread of germs, prevent cross-contamination and keep your facility clean and safe.

Dedicated to Service

Rest assured that G&K will offer the service you expect for your day-to-day business needs.

  • Accurate, complete, and on time deliveries
  • Inventory control/management
  • Multiple products/program flexibility

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