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On-the-Job Safety

Continuous, Customized Training

From their first day on the job, employees know that G&K values their safety and security. Rigorous safety training is part of our employee onboarding process, and it continues on a regular basis throughout each employee’s career. 

By maintaining a safe work environment, we’re doing the right thing for our employees and their families, while strengthening our business.

Managers across the company ensure that all employees understand G&K’s safety policy and comply with our safety programs. We also customize our required monthly safety training in multiple languages specific to the employee's, work environment and tasks. Topics covered include training on OSHA and DOT regulations, G&K safety policies and operating procedures.

To ensure compliance with best practices and safety policies, G&K conducts regular safety inspections and audits, in addition to job hazard analyses. We measure the effectiveness of our safety training and identify areas for potential improvement.

Because prevention is the best safety policy, G&K conducts frequent injury prevention programs, addressing topics from safe electrical work practices to fall prevention, ergonomics and material handling.

Whether employees need steel-toed shoes, workstation adaptations or a refresher course on defensive driving, at G&K we make the time, the effort and investment to protect our people.