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National/Regional Program

Deliver Uniform Service Excellence for your National and Regional business when you work with the G&K Services Strategic Account team.

We’ve built our program to serve the specific needs and demanding requirements of large, highly dispersed businesses:

Knowledgeable and Experienced

  • With a sole focus on multi-site and large single-site customers, we understand the challenges of managing multiple suppliers to support numerous facilities and employees. Consistency, excellent service, and maximized value are our measures of success.
  • Our single G&K point of contact makes your management efficient and increases the success of your program.
  • One-call issue resolution makes the process easy.

Recognized Service Excellence 

An in-depth independent study of customer attitudes toward the leading uniform and apparel companies shows G&K leading our competitors in six key measures.

Our Customers tell us G&K’s Service Excellence makes a Difference

"The main difference between G&K and other uniform providers is its excellent service. G&K's availability and open lines of communication as well as its responsiveness and pro-active approach has been key to ensuring the success of our facility."

Mike - Ford Motor Company

“G&K Services has been working with us to improve our processes and minimize costs while administering our uniform and mat programs for over seven years.  What makes G&K a good provider is its willingness and promptness to address issues when they arise and strive towards continuous improvement processes.”

    - Apotex

G&K Program Management: Our program increases your company’s productivity, reduces transaction costs, and delivers higher-quality garments and facility services.

Management Support: G&K customer business reviews are designed to be collaborative and transparent so you easily understand your billings, deliveries, and program efficiency. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. We believe in the critical visibility and transparency of dollars spent.

Technology: Our proprietary handheld technology is deployed to 100% of our route support team. It automates change orders, makes credits easy, and quickly resolves issues. These are completed on the spot so there are no paper trails to chase or invoice errors to track down. Additionally, we provide online reporting captured through our Accutrak® and Autosort systems.