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Water in the Desert

G&K Recognized by City of Phoenix for Good Water Practices

As an island of green surrounded by a desert, Phoenix treats water like the precious commodity it is. The Arizona city also enforces strict wastewater standards for all business operations. Not all businesses are able to comply, but G&K does so routinely. G&K’s team in Phoenix is committed to preserving water quality and has been fully compliant with the city’s wastewater pretreatment standards for ten consecutive years. In 2015, G&K’s Phoenix facility again achieved full compliance with the city’s stringent requirements for wastewater pretreatment.

G&K Services is committed to reducing wastewater pollution through a variety of initiatives. We have processes in place to ensure environmental regulations are met in all locations. Other G&K facilities have also recently received awards for superior compliance with wastewater requirements, including:

  • G&K Denver received a 2012 Gold Award from the Denver Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation District
  • G&K Albuquerque received  a 2013-2014 Gold Award from the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority
  • G&K Los Angeles was recognized  by the Los Angeles County Sanitation District for full compliance with wastewater discharge requirements.