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Uniform Rentals and Apparel Purchases

YOUR UNIFORMS are integral to your business. Whether you rent work-wear from GKrental® and/or purchase items, such as logoed jackets or shirts, from GKdirect®, we know that each and every piece of clothing worn by your employees is important to your success.

Your work uniforms and branded apparel:

  • Project your company’s image and professionalism
  • Let your customers know you are a leader in your field
  • Encourage teamwork, instill pride, and boost morale among employees
  • Provide comfort and enhance safety for your entire company
  • Maintain cleanliness and prevent cross-contamination even in the toughest environments

​Why Partner with G&K Services?

We know your industry. We have demonstrated expertise in a range of industries from the image-conscious field of retail to the safety-focused arenas of oil and gas to soil-heavy operations like food processing, among many others.

You know what you want—we deliver it. When it comes to a uniform program, you want a provider you can trust. You have your business to run, and we help you do that by taking one big worry off your mind: the management of your uniform and facility service rentals and/or purchases. Our commitment to Service Excellence allows you to focus on what you do best, while we focus on what we do best.

We can help you get a first-time uniform program started. The benefits of working with G&K really add up. Our uniforms set you apart from your competition, instill pride in your team, project a safe and solid image to your customers, provide protection and savings on personal clothing wear and tear, and much more.

You have an entire company dedicated to serving you with excellence. From our Customer Promise to our Service Guarantee, our entire company works on your behalf, committing each day to satisfying your needs. G&K continuously monitors your account, our performance, and your satisfaction to ensure consistent Service Excellence.